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Skyline R34 Exhaust

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Why should I have a catalytic converter?
If your car was fitted after 1st August 1992 with a catalytic converter from new, you need to have one for the MoT. It needs to be in good working order to comply with the Government's emissions legislation. The engine has been designed to work with a Cat and besides giving out toxic emissions; the performance will be reduced if your Cat is not working properly. You will fail the annual MoT if you either it is not present or it is not in good working order.
Can I remove my Cat?
If your car was registered after 1st August 1992 you must have the Cat present and working for the MoT. Previously registered cars can have the Cat permanently removed.
Why do people want to remove their Cats?
Without a Cat the engine gives more power and reduced petrol consumption. You may remove the Cat for track / competition / display use, for example, which we can do for you.


Price: 62.40 (Including VAT at 20%)

JP-R32-CAT  Nissan Multi DE-CAT
JP-R32-CAT Nissan Multi DE-CAT
R32, R33, R34, GTiR, S13, S14, S15, DE-CAT PIPE

Made From 304 Polished Stainless Steel

Price: 62.40 (Including VAT at 20%)

Online Catalogue | Nissan | Skyline | Skyline R34 |  Skyline R34 Exhaust

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